Difference between Strike & Swing

Difference between Strike & Swing

Difference between Strike & Swing are explained in this article.

This season F-ONE has split their range into two high performance models the Strike V3 and the Swing V3. Here you can check the difference between them.

F-One’s goal is that every rider can choose between different wings, that are made to the unique requirements of each discipline.

This range will ensure that each rider can maximize his performance, and get the most fun out of the sport.

The F-One SWING V3 is an incredibly well balanced and light wing, that offers a steady freefly, allowing the rider to fully focus on the wave, or reading bumps.

The SWING is the ideal wing for Wave riders and downwinders enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a comfortable wing which can be forgotten during freefly and that offers you an exhilarating surfing experience, this is the model you’re looking for.
It also has a very easy and intuitive handling that makes it a fantastic wing for those still learning the sport.

It was designed with the goals of maneuverability and freedom of movement, and it features a shorter span and an overall more compact shape than the STRIKE V3.
Its intuitive handling and stability makes it a very a user-friendly wing for all riders, even those who are just taking the first steps into the thrilling world of wingfoiling.

Since the SWING is very light and well balanced, it’s traction is super smooth: you just take off, extend your arms, lean back, and this wing will do the rest.

One of the main characteristics is that the SWING offers an impressive upwind angle at a reasonable speed. When freeflying, the wing hangs perfectly in the air, without any resistance or unwanted movements that could disturb your surfing experience.

The SWING V3 generates power instantly when you start riding, and pumps very efficiently, allowing easy waterstarts and therefore giving you the opportunity to go out with a smaller surface than usual.

Swing V3 is available in 8 sizes from 2.0m to 5.5m

The STRIKE is F-One’s utmost performance wing.

F-One’s STRIKE V3 is the wing dedicated to experienced riders looking to push their limits further.
Riders looking to go faster will easily reach higher speeds. Freestylers looking to perform and jump higher, will land new tricks effortlessly. For those wanting to explore the ocean, they will cover more distance than ever.

Whether it is to freeride, freestyle, surf or freefly, this is the state-of-the-art wing that can do it all. This wing delivers high speed, while guaranteeing stability, power and precision.
Its performances riding upwind are incredible. You’ll be back to the peak very quick and easy, arriving far before anyone else out there.
The pop for tricks is very impressive, and when you are flying, so is the hangtime. This will allow you to jump higher, longer and will possibilitate a super smooth landing.

F-One’s new STRIKE V3 is a total powerhouse offering a very consistent, easy-to-control traction. Its power is channeled to pull forward, providing a thrilling natural acceleration right after the takeoff. Once reaching cruise speed, you’ll be stoked on how fast you can go while still being in total control of the elements

The Strike V3 is also available in 8 sizes from 2.0m to 5.5m

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Difference between Strike & Swing

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