F-One Strike V2 Wing is out!

F-One Strike V2 Wing

F-One Strike V2 Wing

The new F-One Strike V2 Wing is out

With a wide and comprehensive range of sizes, the Strike V2 will enable all wingfoilers to ride with high performance, confort and safety. Together with the light wind model Strike CWC this range allows every rider to take the best out of every conditions.

F-One Strike V2 Wing

With a STRIKE V2 you’ll get the passion, smooth performances, power and control, lightness, strength, and durability.

Its dynamic stability in flight makes everything easier for every wingfoiler while standing on your foil. It provides remarkable forward traction over the entire range of use, allowing incredible performance. Whether you are a pro rider or a beginner, your potential with it is exceptional and your skills will develop. The STRIKE V2 is much more than a wing. It is everything you need to reach your riding flow.

Adaptative Wing Design

Adaptive Wing Design, a unique concept from F One, offering the perfect balance between performance and comfort.
Our STRIKE V.2 is designed to adapt itself to conditions through a controlled deformation that allows the preservation of a high-performance profile throughout the entire range of use while maintaining an unprecedented stability.

The Strike releases power when necessary and keeps the shape it needs for maximum performance in any given wind.

Main Characteristics

Improved Leading Edge -To achieve this result, we worked on the leading edge diameter for total improvement

New Strut Shape – We modified the shape of the central strut relatively to Strike V1. Its cut is now segmented, allowing for better control of its curve

Unique Canopy Tension – Strike wings have a unique canopy tension that can be compared to that of a harden up windsurfing rig. Our wings are therefore “pre-tensioned” and made to adapt to every conditions.


Tension of the Trailing Edge – Achieving the ideal leech tension on trailing edge when riding guarantees much better performances upwind and in light winds.

The STRIKE V2 wing keeps the predecessor V1’s incomparable ultra-light weight that is pleasant in all phases of flight, specially on the surf, when you depower the wing and want it ti fly without any power.
Stability is improved by respecting the profile and the wing’s center of traction while in motion.
The traction is constant and homogeneous.

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