Portugal best kitesurf beaches

Portugal Best Kitesurf Beaches

Our tips about Portugal best kitesurf beaches

In the last few years Portugal has become one of the most trendy destinations to travel in Europe. Best known for its long history, golden beaches, mountainous parks, great food and vibrant lifestyle, Portugal also has a lot to offer to kitesurf riders.

Since it’s the most westerly country in Europe, sometimes it is called the West Coast of Europe, for it’s resemblance with California, the West Coast of the United States. The similarities are everywhere, from long sandy beaches, to beautiful country landscapes, scenic routes, gastronomy.Surf Culture is similar, altough California had began much sooner, in recent years the Portuguese Waves were discovered by all travelling surfers. From Big Wave riding in Nazaré, to perfect point breaks in Ericeira, to beach breaks like Santa Cruz or Praia Grande, there’s all kind of waves, for all riding levels. WSL has an event in Peniche and all competitors considerer it one of the favourite stops on the tour.

The USA has the well known technological hub, silicon valley, in recent years Lisbon has become the place for the Web Summit Events, bringing all the entrepreneurs, digital nomads to Portugal, where many of them have settled . Even the main bridge in Lisbon, Ponte 25 de Abril looks almost identical to the well known San Francisco bridge.

How to find kitesurf beaches in Portugal?

For the waves you can check https://www.portuguesewaves.com/

In terms of wind the easier and more accurate analisys can be found on https://www.windguru.cz/31

You can find more ideas about our country in the travel guide https://www.lonelyplanet.com/portugal

Since Portugal is a relatively small country it´s easy to know all regions with in a short stay. For its geographical position we can divide it in 3 different regions, North, Center and South. On this article we provide you a general view about the main highlights for all the country.In next articles we’ll talk more specifically of each region.

Some general data about kitesurf in Portugal

Best time to Kitesurf – Windy Season from May to September. Summer Thermal winds from NW

Type of Spots – Lots of spots with Waves and Flat water lagoons

Water Temperature – Colder in the North, warmer in the South. In season you can ride with a 3/2 wetsuit, or a 2/2 Summer suit.

Level of riding – From Begginner to Expert

Kind of trip – Perfect to travel with friends, and perfect to bring you wife/girlfriend, lots of cultural sites, beautiful landscapes and great hotels and restaurants.


Portugal best kitesurf beaches

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