Back to the original feeling…

The ORIGIN is F-One All Round wing that recalls the easy, comfortable feel of our original wings, with which many discovered and first tasted the thrill of wing foiling.

As the sport progresses, some become unconfortable with the demands of the more performance models like the Strike V3, or the Swing V3.

Taking that in consideration, F-One launches for 2024 the Origin a wing for everyone who wants an easy all round wing foiling.

The Origin main Characteristics are:

A very accessible, light, and forgiving wing

The original legendary pumping combined with easy take-offs

Ultra optimized design for extra lightness and total comfort

Great freefly abilities even in light wind

Interchangeable handle system that allow you to choose Soft, Hybrid or Hard Handles.

The new Origin is developed for wing foilers looking for the feelings of F-One’s first wings.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’ll appreciate the efficient and intuitive pumping of the Origin, thanks to its flexibility.

This wing allows the easiest and smoother take-offs, with minimal pumping and with just enough speed to get going.

The ORIGIN also offers intuitive power delivery with barely any adjustments needed once in the air.

Simply sheet in and let it make you foil away.

A dream wing in the low end, the ORIGIN is a super comfortable, light, forgiving, and accessible all-round wing that feels effortless to ride.

This wing is the softest and most comfortable one of our range.

Its controlled speed allows you to ride without excessive effort or fatigue.

The Origin is the ideal choice  for those who ride larger foils and boards and need easy power for planing starts.

Its lightness sets it apart from our other wings, making it also perfect to freefly in the low end.

The ORIGIN is a great addition to your wingfoil quiver as a light-wind wing.

How to choose your wing Origin Strike V4 Swing V4

The ORIGIN benefits from the extensive F-One Sail Engineering work.

This includes our new designs and the most modern technologies and materials.


The ORIGIN’s design has been optimized to guarantee as much lightness and comfort as possible.

With F-One staggered seams, the fabric and its seams work better to keep a smooth and efficient profile,

This will reduce the deformation of the wing’s shape under load.

The control of the profile is ideal to guarantee total stability and comfort during the ride.

Small radial cuts are implemented on the wingtips and on the back of the strut to spread tensions.

Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch can be controlled to a never-before-seen level on a wing.


Our refined Load Diffuser made of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron further helps maintaining the profile sleek and efficient.

This will lead to the ultimate stability, performances, and longevity.

Main strut and the two central segments of the leading edge on each side of the strut are made of HITEX 158g.

This high tenacity polyester offers great resistance to elongation and therefore greater durability and performances.

The remaining segments of the leading edge are made of Dacron 150g to guarantee lightness and comfort.

The ORIGIN’s canopy is in TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 52g, while the thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g is on the trailing edge.

These materials are perfectly distributed to account for the different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution of each area.

Like the latest editions of our other wings, the central strut is completely straight.

This allows us to better control its deformation and possible twisting, while reducing drag.

As a result, the infill is a bit lower and deforms less, and we’ve extended it almost all the way to the back.


The ORIGIN comes with our new interchangeable handle system where you can choose between soft, hybrid or fully rigid handles.

Wings come with soft handles pre-installed, but it is now possible for wingfoilers to customize handles to their preferences

The Origin is the ideal choice for riders looking to spend long hours wing foiling, and for a high-quality wing with great potential to evolve and progress.

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