F-One Best Kite Manufacturer

F-One Best Kite Manufacturer 2022

F-One Best Kite Manufacturer by the readers of IKSURFMAG– The results are out for 2022 and we are extremely pleased to announce that F-ONE has won several awards at IKSURFMAG

For this edition of the awards by IKSurf Magazine F-One won the 1st place – Best Kite Manufacturer

F-One Best Kite Manufacturer
F-One Best Kite Manufacturer

Additionally, we also were voted as the:

2nd Best Brand in a very small margin (0,15%) dispute with Duotone

F-One Best Brand
F-One Best Brand

2nd Best Board Manufacturer

F-One Best Board Manufacturer

Our entire 2022 Kitesurf collection was a tremendous success all over the world.

Again F-One made for the 2022 year one of the most complete and performant collections for kitesurf riders.

In kites, it was the year for the Bandit 15 and his surf brother version the Bandit S3, together with the freestyle weapon Bullit.

For the twintips, we upgraded the Trax model with it’s three versions, the Trax, the Trax Lite Tech and the Trax carbon.

We continued with the One, our entry board for the ones that are begginig or that wish to expand their abilities.

For the freestylers, the range of the WTF!continues to deliver maximum pop and extreme sensations to make it more extreme.

We kept the ultra light Magnet Carbon as the transition board between the waves and strapless freestyle.

In the surf range, Mitu’s models continue to impress, with various sizes and diferent constructions. The Bamboo for a budget version and for the 2 in 1 models, that allow you to kitesurf and kite foil with the same board.

Riders looking for a 100% surf board were impressed with the Shadow, shaped for all types of waves with special enphasis on perfect and power surf.

Stay tuned for the 2023 collection, that provides you all these weapons with some updates and new models to take kitesurf riding one step further.

If you want to stay updated with F One awards in Foil and Wingfoil check F-One Best Wing Foil Brand 2022 by the readers of Tonic Magazine

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