Best Kitesurf Spots in Lisbon area

Best Kitesurf Spots in Lisbon area

Best Kitesurf Spots in Lisbon area – Lisbon is a very well-known and trendy cultural capital in the West Coast of Europe. With a huge development is recent years it had become a vibrant and cheap destination for most travellers looking for a relaxed adventure, couples looking for a romantic retreat, and families in search of an unforgettable getaway. . Sunny most of the year, with endless summer vibes, it’s a must-see destination for anyone looking to taste delicious local dishes, savor local wines, and enjoy a special mix of urban and beach adventure.

And the best part is that you have a huge variety of surf and kitesurf spots within a short drive from Lisboa. Taking in consideration the tips we’ve shared in another recent article your best options around the capital will be:

Best Kitesurf Spots closer to Lisbon (less than 1 hour drive)

Praia do Guincho – 30 minutes drive from Lisbon city center, to the west:

One of the most known Portuguese windy spots, it’s the most consistent beach in Portugal. Here the wind is usually strong, and sometimes gusty from N or NW, with swells that in summer vary from 0,5m to 2m. Altough in summer sometimes it’s flat, this is the spot where you want to be if you want more challenging conditions. Usually crowded with surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers, it’s only advised for riders who already feel confortable dealing with all kinds of situations.

Costa da Caparica / Fonte da Telha – 30 minutes drive from Lisbon city center, to the south of river Tejo.

A long stretch of beach breaks extend form Costa da Caparica (center) down to Cabo Espichel. Three main areas to kitesurf are Costa da Caparica, Fonte da Telha and Lagoa de Albufeira. With several beaches and beach bars, the swell here is smaller than in Guincho, the wind is smoother and beaches are wider.

In summer season, Costa da caparica has two basic kite areas where it’s allowed to kitesurf, Praia Nova Vaga and Praia da da Belavista

In Fonte da Telha, you will have to drive for the north part of the village to kitesurf in summer season. The waves here are usually smaller than in Caparica, which means that basically is flat for most of summer. It’s a spot that works in Winter when sweels get to big for Caparica.

This lagoon, with standing-depth water in many parts, offers plenty of space out of season, therefore an amazing playground for beginners and freestylers due to its flat water. However, there is rarely much water in summer and it gets very tight with so many swimmers.

Best Kitesurf Spots Lisbon area

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